Dune Part Two

CFTCA Digest: February 2024

Film Reviews

Argylle | Reviewed by Darren Zakus | Read the full review

Argylle is a wickedly fun spy thriller full of Matthew Vaughn’s signature cinematic flair that results in a grand globe-trotting adventure with great performances from its talented cast and a story that will keep you on your toes and guessing as to what is going to happen next right up until the final scene.”

Dune Part II | Reviewed by Taylor Baker & Thomas Stoneham-Judge

Taylor and Thomas offer opposing views of Dune Part II.

Read Taylor’s full review | Watch Thomas’ video review

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt | Reviewed by Michael Clawson | Read the full review

“With storytelling that’s achieved almost entirely through visual and sonic means, All Dirt Roads represents a poetic harmonization of film direction, sound, editing, and cinematography. It isn’t without flaws… But in my eyes, Jackson’s formal ingenuity is remarkable, her sensuous artistry often ravishing.”

Perfect Days | Reviewed by Christopher Cross | Read the full review

“Brought to realization by Koji Yakusho’s tender, introspective performance, Perfect Days isn’t just a zen-like exercise in minimalism – it’s the balm needed amidst neverending chaos.”

Television Reviews

Shōgun | Reviewed by Matthew Simpson | Read the full review

“Is this a show for kids or adults? Is it trying to recreate the original or remix the show into its own thing? The answer to both of these questions is “yes.” As a result, neither goal is achieved…”

Avatar: The Last Airbender | Reviewed by Matthew Simpson | Read the full review

“As with any adaptation, Avatar walks a tricky line, seeking to please fans of the original material and appeal to new fans. Showrunner Albert Kim has publicly said that one of his goals was to broaden the appeal to an adult audience, citing Game of Thrones as an example of the tone he’d like to set…”

The Oscars 2024 | 96th Academy Awards

Ep. 267: Anatomy of an Oppenheimer Zone

Oppenheimer⁠, ⁠Anatomy of a Fall,⁠ and ⁠The Zone of Interest⁠.

Ep. 268: Killers of the Barbie Maestro

Killers of the Flower Moon⁠, ⁠Barbie,⁠ and ⁠Maestro⁠.

Ep. 269: Poor Lives and American Holdovers

⁠Poor Things⁠, ⁠American Fiction⁠, ⁠The Holdovers,⁠ and ⁠Past Lives

Ep. 270: 2024 Oscar Draft

The draft is simple: each participant selects five movies that are nominated at this year’s Oscars, and whoever gets the most awards, wins.