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CFTCA Digest: June 2024

Film Reviews

A Family Affair | Reviewed by Darren Zakus | Read the full review

A Family Affair features the wonderful trio of lead performances from Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron and Joey King to create all the laughter and romance for this romantic comedy, but it is Carrie Solomon’s screenplay that doubles as a coming of age story for each main character that brings the depth and emotional gravitas to Richard LaGravenese’s latest film that makes it a true winner.”

Red Fever | Reviewed by Dakota Arsenault | Read the full review

“…Diamond and Bainbridge have made a tremendous documentary that is so fascinating in its breadth of subject matter and ease these stories are told… The film is an exciting addition to the documentary genre that is both fun and informative.”

Inside Out 2 | Reviewed by Ethan Simmie | Listen the full review

9 years after the first Inside Out, Pixar has given us a follow-up – but did we really need it? Is it as good as the box office says it is or is it more sequel sadness from Disney? Hear Ethan Simmie’s thoughts on this episode of Movies Are So Back.

Abiding Nowhere | Reviewed by Eric Zhu | Read the full review

“…As Lee walks alone in Abiding Nowhere, our focus is oftentimes solely focused on the deliberate, painstaking nature of his movement. We recognize Lee as an anachronism on a perpetual, demanding quest for enlightenment. Given the film’s inclusion of Anong, perhaps Xuanzang’s journey is a larger metaphor for Tsai’s directorial project, where Lee’s myriad incarnations search for human connection.”

Darkest Miriam | Reviewed by Matthew Simpson | Read the full review

“There’s something relatable about those times when we feel listless, stuck, or unable to move forward. Sometimes, this is a response to a sudden loss or a not-so-sudden life experience, but most of us have been there at one time or another, at that place where forward momentum seems impossible to generate. From director Naomi Jaye, Darkest Miriam tells the story of a person in just such a place…”

Mars Express | Reviewed by Michael Clawson | Read the full review

“…The film’s fast pace can be enlivening, but part of why Mars Express feels like no more than the sum of its influences is because of its hurried storytelling. With its plot-heavy script, the film briskly progresses from one note to the next as if checking off the boxes required for a sci-fi noir.”

Bad Boys: Ride or Die | Reviewed by Nick Tiffany | Listen to the full review

Other films reviewed on this episode of NT Movie Reviews include Inside Out 2, Furiosa, and The Bikeriders.

The Bikeriders | Reviewed by Taylor Baker | Read the full review

“…One leaves the film with a sense of the true-life experience of Kathy and some of the parties the Vandals Motorcycle Club threw, but little else. The dramatic scenes play like reenactments, the ensemble doesn’t quite get enough time to breathe and come to life. The Bikeriders is good, but it feels like a stifled entry into the filmography of a previously unstifled filmmaker.”

Life After Fighting | Reviewed by Christopher Cross | Read the full review

“…With a final act that leaves nothing on the table, Life After Fighting is a remarkably intense and exhilarating action vehicle that does a lot with very little in its arsenal..”


The Boys Season 4 | Reviewed by Darren Zakus | Read the full review

The Boys serves up its most diabolical, outrageous and entertaining season with all the vile, gory and hilarious moments fans have come to expect from the ever popular series, as it sets the board for what is bound to be an unforgettable final season.”

Star Wars: The Acolyte (Episodes 1-4 of 8) | Reviewed by Matthew Simpson | Read the full review

The Acolyte seems tailor-made to address the recent problems of Star Wars directly. Its story is physically and temporally isolated from the rest of the universe, but unmistakably, it’s still Star Wars… Ultimately, the first half of The Acolyte gives me enough to be hopeful that they won’t fumble the ending.”


Writer-Director Laura Adkin Talks Re: Uniting Movie

Laura Adkin’s debut feature film, Re: Uniting, is now available to the public. The movie introduces us to a group of six best friends who were once close, yet life has taken them in different directions. They decide to get together for a fun weekend trip to celebrate their 25th college reunion, yet things aren’t what they seem.

Adkin’s movie plays out like a second coming-of-age many adults face when they start mulling about their past, missed opportunities, and the jarring reality of the passage of time. In this interview, Laura and Marta Djordjevic discuss the personal inspirations behind crafting this indie drama and the importance of still making “talking” movies in the sea of blockbusters that dominate today’s market.


2024 Canadian Screen Awards

On this episode of the Contra Zoom podcast, Jeff Bulmer from Classic Movies Live joins Dakota to talk about the 2024 Canadian Screen Wards. Movies discussed include BlackBerry, Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person, The Queen of my Dreams, Infinity Pool and more.